• Materials Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Sales Management (Campaign)
  • Financial Management
  • General accounting
  • Asset Management
  • Serial-lot, Stock Location Follow up
  • Inflation Accounting
  • Additional Tax (Special Consumption Tax, Special Communication Tax)
  • Demand Management
  • Admin Console
  • Collateral Management
  • Task Scheduler
  • Workflow
  • Project Follow up
  • Webmaster
  • Practical Table and Pivot Reports
  • Report Generator and Interface Customization


  • Increased up to 100 users.
  • Unlimited periods can be opened for 100 companies.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy-to-use after training.
  • Commercial – Accounting – Fixed Assets – Production – Planning modules.
  • It meets all the needs of all kinds of enterprises.
  • Foreign currency transactions can be made along with Turkish Lira.
  • Standard reports are available for all printers.
  • Constantly updated according to the changing laws.
  • Reports are at your fingertips at any time with a changing manager console.


  • Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise meets all needs of medium and large-sized enterprises.


  • Fast Production
  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Work Order Monitoring
  • Bill Revision
  • Use of Alternative Materials
  • Variant Bill
  • Standard Bill Cost
  • Engineering Change
  • Material Supply
  • Separated Cost Calculation
  • Planned-Actual Cost Calculation
  • Material Reservation
  • Serial/Lot
  • Barcode Follow-up
  • Combined Packing
  • Material Classes

Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise for medium and large-sized enterprises with extensive production activities, facilitates the process, provides sustainable efficiency in production by meeting effectively the needs of production processes with a wide range of functions.


Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise can be easily adapted to the changing requirements over time by means of its scalable structure.


Practical and cost-effective management

Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise ERP, which brings quality and efficiency especially to manufacturing enterprises, ensures that all operations are managed in a practical manner and at reasonable costs. The information flow between units is provided with accurate and up-to-date data, while complex business processes are simplified and regulated accordingly.

Single-point access

With Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise, all activities from supply processes to customer relationship management can be carried out from a single point and in a consistent manner. Thus, it develops the sustainable performance of the enterprise. Moreover, thanks to single-point access, users save time and avoid unnecessary communication traffic since they can contact simultaneously with other users.

Flexible solutions

Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise offers a wide range of standard modules that meet a wide range of needs, as well as optional modules for businesses in different sectors. In this way, all medium and large-sized enterprises can create the most suitable ERP package for themselves.


User-friendly design

Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise offers a user-friendly interface that has been reshaped according to user feedback. The desktop of Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise can easily be personalized with drag-and-drop function, and external links can be added smoothly. Properties such as background customizations, single-point viewing of all functions, and a functional search button further improve the comfort offered by the Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise solution.

Functions for every enterprise

Apart from standard modules, Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise can be enriched with applications and widgets developed by Logo and Logo Partners to enable enterprises to create a set of functions with the properties which are exactly they need.

Flexibility for powerful financial performance

Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise offers a flexible foreign exchange system and reporting structure to provide enterprises with both local and international operations a powerful financial performance base. Besides, access to current profitability analyzes and collection plan definitions provide flexibility to meet every need. Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise, which issues Declaration Form for Purchase of Goods and Services and Declaration Form for Sales of Goods and Services for Current Accounts with one click, can follow risks and send warning electronically within the limits and rules determined.

Efficient foreign trade systems

Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise providing efficiency in import and export transactions, helps you to carry out the transactions in compliance with legal liabilities. All liabilities can be followed through the Foreign Trade module in harmony and integrated way with other processes such as accounting, finance, purchasing, sales and distribution.

Convenience in operations of order and delivery

Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise providing invoicing in foreign currency except from Turkish Lira, and follow up of payments in foreign currency, significantly facilitates the overseas operations of enterprises. From issuing of all documents required for order and delivery to delivering on time, the entire process can be managed in an integrated manner.

Easier supply management with automated processes

Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise improves the quality and reliability of the supplier selection process with its unique properties. It automates the cycle of evaluating, comparing and purchasing decision of proposals of suppliers and standardizes approval mechanisms and document flow processes. Thanks to these properties, it saves time and cost.

Optimization in the production process

Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise optimizing the production process, provides phase-based management, monitoring and reporting. Production planning methods calculate the material needs before the production, manages the efficiency of the machines and enable them to allocate the workload effectively, so that orders can be delivered on time. Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise allows quality control results to be added to materials and operations, so it improves manufacturing processes and reduces the margin of error.

Stock operation with higher quality

Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise offers advantages in stock operations, as well. In Stock Control module, which enables you to create and follow stock targets and strategies, to control inventory costs, and to monitor instant stock values and levels, different product ranges can be followed easily, thanks to material classification feature designed for employees and leveled hierarchy. Materials can be followed with unlimited units with different units, while conversion coefficients can be reported on one unit. The matrix interface can follow the same materials with different properties and thus, a change involving thousands of materials can be updated by changing only one definition.

Legislative harmonization

Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise can directly perform financial and fiscal reporting belonging to the requested period, under the liabilities of the Turkish Commercial Code, in compliance with Financial Reporting Standards of Turkey (FRST). Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise ensures system consistency and minimizes user errors with its bidirectional audit feature between operational transactions and accounting records. Declarations issued with e-Declaration option of Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise are sent automatically to the Revenue Administration of Turkey. Cost centers and project cards can be used for administrative reporting purposes, while the local and reporting currency financial statements and reports in general accounting transactions meet all the needs in this regard.

Follow-up of fixed asset

Fixed Asset Follow up module of Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise enables easy follow up of processes such as purchasing fixed assets, debiting to personnel and disposal and offers multiple amortization table support. According to the Tax Procedural Law, amortization can be calculated in the local currency, in the reporting currency appropriate for foreign reporting and in local currency according to FRST and transferred to accounting through separate accounts.

Central and efficient management

Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise provides an efficient management process to groups consisting of more than one company with the Finance Management module. Profitability can be calculated on a group basis, inventory can be viewed as a whole and cash flow can be analyzed for all companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which databases are supported on Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise?

Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise supports Oracle and MS SQL Server database.

Is there a production module in Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise?

Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise has Fast Production and Advanced Production modules. Fast Production module provides fast and practical follow-up of the input, consumables and wastes of the enterprises and the changes in the material status resulting from the production. With this module, fast production operations can be performed.

With Advanced Production module, detailed bill of material can be defined, engineering changes and revision operations, bill identification without a route, bill with outsource identification, workstations, employees and shifts, detailed production follow-up such as production order follow-up, production with outsource follow-up, calculation of planned, actual and separated production order costs, machine-hour, labor-hour or cost accounting by quantity.

Can we make production planning for received orders/demands?

In Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise, you can carry out MPS (Main Production Scheduling), MRP (Material Requirement Planning), CTP (Designating Order Delivery Date), Resource Scheduling, Production Order Scheduling.

Can labor and general expenses in production be uploaded to Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise?

Yes, with the Cost Accounting module, detailed production information such as machine-hour, labor-hour or cost accounting calculations according to quantity can be uploaded.

I want to manage my contract manufacturing transactions. Can Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise meet my needs?

In Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise, you can carry out transactions related to the bill with outsource identification and contract manufacturing follow-up.

Can I follow import-export transactions with Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise?

With Logo Tiger 3 Foreign Trade module, you can make cost calculations in accordance with the legal obligations of import-export transactions and foreign trade movements and the requirements of companies in the free trade zone. Besides, it is possible to follow up credits and inward processing authorization certificate related to export transactions and to enter and follow e-export transactions.

Can we follow according to FRST?

FRST correction receipt can be created automatically. An optional user can issue a FRST correction receipt. Within the scope of liabilities of the Turkish Commercial Code, financial and fiscal reporting for the required period in accordance with FRST standards can be carried out.

I also need e-Solutions such as e-Waybill, e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Ledger. Can I use them?

Logo Tiger 3 solution works with integrated Logo e-Solutions.

Can I register the invoices to Social Security Institution within the e-Invoice?

Yes, within the scope of Logo e-Invoice application, companies working with SSI can issue e-invoice on the program.

Can I use the program with other languages apart from Turkish?

Turkish and English languages are standard in Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise. If you want, you can purchase other language options.

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