• Materials Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Sales Management (Campaign)
  • Financial Management
  • General Accounting
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Serial-lot, Stock Location Follow up
  • Inflation Accounting
  • Additional Tax (Special Consumption Tax, Special Communication Tax)
  • Demand Management
  • Admin Console
  • Collateral Management
  • Task Scheduler
  • Workflow
  • Project Follow-up
  • Webmaster
  • Practical Table and Pivot Reports
  • Report Generator and Interface Customization


  • Increased up to 51 users.
  • Unlimited periods can be opened for 50 companies.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy-to-use after training.
  • Commercial – Accounting – Fixed Assets – Production modules.
  • It meets all the needs of all kinds of enterprises.
  • Foreign currency transactions can be made along with Turkish Lira.
  • Standard reports are available for all printers.
  • Constantly updated according to the changing laws.
  • Reports are at your fingertips at any time with a changing manager console.


  • Logo Tiger 3 program meets all the needs of the enterprises.


  • Distribution Management (shipment, packaging)
  • Proposal Management
  • Financial Consolidation
  • Retail
  • Tiger Plus Navigator
  • Web
  • Map
  • B2B – B2C

Logo TIGER 3 ERP Program

Logo Tiger 3 program, which meets all transaction and report needs of financial operations, accounting, fixed assets and production departments of companies from different sectors, is the most preferred software in its segment in Turkey.

Logo Tiger 3 is an ERP solution that fully supports expanding the process of your company. With its multi-currency support, different language options and international reporting facilities, it is your best co-worker for cross-border needs.

Just make your all trading transactions from the commercial module with Logo Tiger 3 program, and let Logo Tiger 3 register automatically to all other related modules. Save yourself trouble of entering your calculations manually or with excel. Expending your business depends on the right decisions you make. Logo Tiger 3 reports will be your biggest supporter in making the right decisions.


User-friendly design

Logo Tiger 3 ERP solution’s user interface designed to provide a high level of ease of use with the feedback of users. The Logo Tiger 3 desktop can be easily personalized with drag-and-drop, and external links can be easily added. Features such as background customizations, one-stop viewing of all functions, and a functional search button further enhance the comfort.

Suitable functions for the needs of every enterprise

In addition to the advantages of standard modules, Logo Tiger 3 can be enhanced with additional optional applications. Apps and widgets developed by Logo and Logo Solution Partners can be integrated into the system to create a function set upon the required properties.

Current and reliable financial data

The current and reliable financial data provided by Logo Tiger 3 contributes to carrying out operations healthfully in local and international markets. Logo Tiger 3 ERP’s payment and collection plan definitions provide flexibility to meet all needs with its flexible foreign exchange system and reporting structure. Within the framework of limits and rules determined, risk follow up and electronic warning can be sent and reconciliations of Declaration Form for Purchase of Goods and Services and the Declaration Form for Sales of Goods and Services for current accounts can also be issued with one click and sent electronically.

Compatible with foreign trade legislation

Logo Tiger 3 Foreign Trade module ensures that import and export transactions can be carried out more effectively and efficiently in compliance with legal liabilities. All liabilities can be followed through Logo Tiger 3 in line with other integrated processes such as accounting, finance, purchasing, sales and distribution.

Applications increasing customer satisfaction

The enterprises using Logo Tiger 3 increases customer satisfaction by managing the entire process from issuing all necessary documents for order and delivery to the delivery on time. Not only Turkish Lira, but also invoicing with foreign currency and follow up of payments with foreign currency are performed flawlessly on the system to facilitate overseas operations or sales processes.

Optimization during supply

With Logo Tiger 3 which uses the power of automation to select suppliers that offer quality and reasonable prices together, it possible to evaluate, compare the suppliers and decide quickly to purchase. Standardization of supplier approval mechanisms and document flow also saves time and costs.

Efficient control of stocks

Logo Tiger 3 Stock Control module allows you to create and follow stock, targets and strategies, to monitor instant stock values and levels, and to control inventory costs. Thanks to the material classification and levelized hierarchy designed for employees working with different product ranges, products can be followed easily. With the matrix interface, the same materials types can be monitored with different properties, and a change involving thousands of materials can be updated by changing only one definition. Thanks to the monitoring feature with different units, materials can be monitored with unlimited units, and with the conversion coefficients feature, reporting can be performed on a single unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many users can I use the Logo TIGER 3 at most?

You can use Logo TIGER 3 up to 51 users with modules increasing user numbers.

Which database does Logo TIGER 3 work on?

Supports MS SQL Server database.

Can we make transactions with foreign currency on Logo TIGER 3?

It is possible to carry out a transaction with foreign currency.

How many companies can be followed in Logo TIGER 3?

You can follow up to 50 companies.

Is there production in Logo Tiger 3 solution?

Logo Tiger 3’s Fast Production module allows quick and practical follow-up of material status changes resulting from production input, consumables and wastes.

I also need e-Solutions such as e-Waybill, e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Ledger. Can I use them?

Logo Tiger 3 solution works with integrated Logo e-Solutions.

Can I use the program with other languages apart from Turkish?

Turkish and English languages are standard in Logo Tiger 3. If you want, you can purchase other language options.

Can I follow my import-export transactions with Logo Tiger 3?

With Logo Tiger 3 Foreign Trade module, you can make cost calculations in accordance with the legal obligations of import-export transactions and foreign trade movements and the requirements of companies in the free trade zone. Besides, it is possible to follow up credits and inward processing authorization certificate related to export transactions and to enter and follow e-export transactions.

Can I follow fixed assets?

You can follow up the processes such as purchase, amortization calculation, debiting personnel, disposal and reporting of the fixtures with Logo Tiger 3 Fixed Asset module.

Can I follow bank credits?

You can follow up Turkish Lira and transaction with foreign currency credit entry, credit follow up and collateral entry with Logo GO 3. With the Bank Loan Follow up system, you can ensure that enterprises are defined separately according to the characteristics of commercial credits received from banks, and that repayments of these credits are followed and reported.

Can I make promotional/discounted sales with a special offer/campaign?

With the Campaign property of Logo Tiger 3 solution, you can make promotional, discounted sales or sales with scores by offering separate campaigns based on order, waybill, invoice or product.

Is it possible to follow up the sales limit for the customers?

You can follow and control the risk limits of current accounts with Logo Tiger 3 Current Account Risk Control feature.

Can we follow the purchasing process in Logo Tiger 3?

With Purchasing Proposal Management, procurement processes can be followed, proposals can be evaluated, contract and order links can be monitored. Purchasing Orders, Purchasing Offers and Purchasing Contracts are also included in this scope.

Can we follow the customers’ sales activities?

Sales activities can be planned and monitored as a whole with the Logo Tiger 3 Sales and Distribution Proposal Management module. In addition to the sales which have been planned, it is possible to follow the possible sales opportunities and to create a sales offer/contract. Sales activities can also be followed on the sales representative basis.

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