1- Which programs do you install?

You can contact us for first installation or re-installation services for Logo START, START 3 pre-accountancy Program, Logo GO PLUS, GO 3 accounting Program, Logo BORDRO PLUS program, Logo TIGER PLUS, TIGER 3 Program, Logo TIGER ENTERPRISE Program, Logo TIGER ENTERPRISE 3, Logo CRM, Logo MOBILE SALES, Logo DEPO NEON, Logo NAVIGATOR SMART programs as well as other sectoral Logo Software and ERP programs.

2- Do you re-install the programs?

Yes, you can contact us to install the Logo Accounting Program that you already use or have newly purchased, on your personal computer or server.

3- Do you provide REINSTALLATION service for computer change?

If you want to install your program on another computer due to computer changes, viruses and other attacks, we are here to reinstall the program. Call us and we will install it on the same day.

4- How can I contact you for the INSTALLATION SERVICE?

You can contact us and forward your requests for Logo Accounting Programs INSTALLATION SERVICE via e-mail address. Our customer representatives can call you immediately. Or you can reach us via phone numbers given in contact information part on our website.