1- For which programs can I benefit from PHONE SUPPORT SERVICE?

You can benefit from PHONE SUPPORT SERVICE for Logo START, START 3 pre-accountancy Program, Logo GO PLUS, GO 3 accounting Program, Logo BORDRO PLUS program, Logo TIGER PLUS, TIGER 3 Program, Logo TIGER ENTERPRISE Program, Logo TIGER ENTERPRISE 3, Logo CRM, Logo MOBILE SALES, Logo DEPO NEON, Logo NAVIGATOR SMART programs as well as other sectoral Logo Software and ERP programs.

2- What is the scope of PHONE SUPPORT SERVICE?

With the PHONE support service, your technical problems in your Logo program and your requests regarding the use of the program are met.

3- Which provinces do you provide PHONE SUPPORT SERVICE?

Phone support is given to all cities of Turkey, as well as to users of the Logo program are located abroad. You can also get our PHONE support service in English.

4- Which platforms do you provide PHONE SUPPORT SERVICE except for fixed lines?

You can get PHONE SUPPORT SERVICE for Logo Accounting programs via fixed-lines, mobile lines, Skype, Whatsapp and other mobile applications.

5- What days of the week and when can I get PHONE SUPPORT SERVICE?

Our PHONE Support service for Logo Accounting programs is given on weekdays between (Monday– Friday) 09:30–17:30, on Saturdays between 09:30 – 12:30.

6- What are the options of PHONE SUPPORT SERVICE?

We have different options for our PHONE support service. You can get support for one transaction, or you can make an hourly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and yearly agreement.

7- How can I contact you for the PHONE SUPPORT SERVICE?

You can contact us and forward your requests for Logo Accounting Programs PHONE Support Service via e-mail address. Our customer representatives can call you immediately. Or you can reach us via phone numbers given in contact information part on our website.