• Stock Follow-up
  • Waybill
  • Order
  • Invoice
  • Current account
  • Cash
  • Bank
  • Checks and notes
  • E-Government
  • E-Waybill
  • E-Archive


  • Single User
  • You can carry out pre-accountancy transactions of 10 different companies.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Produced for small enterprises whose accounting is kept outside the company.
  • No foreign currency transactions are made.
  • Unlimited Stock Card
  • Unlimited Current Account Card
  • Unlimited Transaction feature


  • Real Estate Agents
  • Insurers
  • Polyclinics
  • Stationeries
  • Flower Stores
  • Cafes / Pastry Shops
  • Bakery
  • Perfumery
  • Hardware store
  • Private Teaching Institutions
  • Car dealers
  • Computer professionals
  • Mechanics


  • Inventory report
  • Detailed sales report
  • VAT Report
  • Bank account statement report
  • Bank status report
  • Debit-credit status report
  • Debit-credit totals
  • Current account summary
  • Detailed sales report
  • Detailed purchase report
  • Inventory warehouse status report
  • Multi-unit inventory warehouse status report
  • Check/note aging report
  • Cash account statement
  • Cash statement
  • Total Sales Figures
  • Total Purchase Figures
  • Purchases Table
  • Sales Table

Logo Start 3 Pre-Accounting Program

All micro-enterprises can carry out transactions of stock, cost, cash, invoice, order, payment and collection follow-up, bank and customer information management from a single point with Logo Start 3, so the control and efficiency increase at every point from bank accounts to monthly payments, from stock information to e-Invoice.

To take firm steps

The primary objective of micro-enterprises is to gain profit from their commercial activities and next step is to expand their business gradually. Logo Start 3, which is used easily and quickly, provides the necessary technological infrastructure to reach the objectives and meets all needs for daily operations. No matter which sector it operates, all micro-enterprises can take the first step of digitalization with Logo Star 3, so they can carry out all transactions about stock, cost, cash, invoice, order, payment and collection follow-up, bank and customer information from a single point without making huge investments.

Integration of e-Government Solutions

Micro-enterprises wanting to add the comfort of e-Government Solutions to the convenience offered by Logo Start 3 can also take these solutions as an additional service with eLogo assurance. e-Invoice and e-Archive Invoice solutions are integrated with Logo Start 3. Therefore, it is possible to open e-Government solutions easily and quickly without any additional application. Opening e-Invoice and e-Archive Invoice with Logo Start 3 provides ease of operation as well as saving on paper and printing costs.


All data at single point with Logo Start 3

Logo Start 3 transfers the data previously stored in different environments to a single system. Thus, you can organize your files, you don’t make any mistake on calculations, and earnings, expenses, stocks, invoices, in short, all the information needed is kept safely on Logo Start 3.

Follow Stocks closely with Logo START 3

Stock must be kept under control for product continuity and customer satisfaction. Logo Start 3 facilitates stock follow-up with an unlimited number of product cards, including up-to-date stock information, product in-out, consignments, stock values and product images.

Comprehensive banking transactions with Logo START 3

With Logo Start 3, you don’t need to spend time on banking transactions. Commercial and credit accounts in banks can be monitored together with bank/branch names or separately. Transfer, EFT, check/ note payments and incoming payments can also be easily monitored with Logo Start 3.

Cash and check/ note transactions are under control with Logo START 3

All kinds of daily cash transactions such as check/note collection and payments, invoice payment, virement from cash to cash can be easily followed up with Logo Start 3. Valuable documents such as checks/notes can be saved according to their dates, numbers and maturities. The status of checks and notes (“portfolio”, “endorsed”, “given to the bank”, etc.) is monitored step by step on the opened records, so that no details are overlooked. The necessary receipts and vouchers for the checks or notes of which status is changed are automatically generated by Logo Start 3

Easy follow up your orders with Logo START 3

Correct management of orders is as important as product or service quality in terms of customer satisfaction. Logo Start 3 registering incoming orders by entering data such as customer information, order date, delivery date, enables all orders to be monitored from a single point. Therefore, all orders from the same customer can be seen on one screen. Thanks to the mutual control of orders and stocks, Logo Start 3 can give order directly, if stock is insufficient.

Up-to-date customer information with Logo START 3

For each customer, monthly sales amounts, totals, risks and risk limits of customers can be defined in current accounts created on Logo Start 3. Product purchase-sales distribution reports can be obtained for the time period based on current account transactions processed in rows.

Ease of invoice processing with Logo START 3

Logo Start 3 also manages the invoicing process automatically. It can easily convert incoming orders into waybills and convert waybills which has been issued, easily into invoices. Predefined discounts, costs and promotions are also reflected directly on the invoice.

Sale by credit card or installment with Logo START 3

Credit card sales, collections and bank repayments can be easily monitored on Logo Start 3, and bank and score commissions can be defined separately for all accounts and reimbursement plans can be created. With Logo Start 3, sales can be made by installments, all invoice transactions can be split into installments and new payment plans can be created and missing payments can be monitored, as well.

Developed technology with Logo START 3

Logo Start 3 offers a technologically powerful system as it uses the same infrastructure with the higher segment products. As the enterprise grows, all data can be easily transferred from Logo Start 3 to a higher-segment system without any loss. Moreover, some fast and economical applications developed by Logo Solution Partners specifically for enterprises and sectors and integrated with Logo Start 3 database usage license can also be easily used with Logo Start 3.

Easy to use with new interface of Logo START 3

Logo Start 3, which is renewed with the feedbacks of users, provides a unique ease of use. Logo Start 3’s desktop, which has been renewed with a visually more aesthetic and easy-to-read design, offers easy and quick access to all information. The entire menu is displayed on the desktop at one time and each function is easily accessible. Thanks to the “Search” button, it is possible to quickly access all the modules, screens, reports and transaction information from the desktop. Users which have to switch between multiple windows can also see open windows at the bottom of the screen with icons that can be easily viewed, so you can avoid from wasting your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many users can I use the Logo START 3?

Logo START 3 is a single-user product.

Which database does Logo START 3 work on?

It supports MS SQL Server database.

Can we make transactions with foreign currency on Logo START 3?

You cannot make transactions with foreign currency. Such transactions can be made with GO3 Accounting Program.

How many companies can be followed in Logo START 3?

You can follow up to 10 companies.

My stocks and customer explanations are saved in Excel. Can I transfer data from Excel to Logo START 3?

You can transfer your material cards, customers and price lists with the data transfer from EXCEL when you start using Logo START 3 or whenever you need it.

How can I manage my stock transactions and can I make cost calculations with Logo START 3?

With the definition of unlimited stock card, you can manage your stocks instantly by performing all stock transactions (consumables, loss, over-counts, missing counts, stock openings). You can calculate your costs and get your stock and cost reports with FIFO and Average of the Rest (Moving Weighted Average) methods.

Can I follow up orders with Logo START 3?

You can follow orders from one place with details such as customer information, order date, delivery date. Logo Start 3 will be placing orders for you according to your stock levels.

How can I manage the Order, Waybill, Invoice process with Logo START 3?

With Logo Start 3, you can easily transfer orders and waybills to invoices, define formulas for discounts, expenses and promotions, apply discounts and promotions on stock or invoice totals and process any number of expenses. You can add a payment plan to stocks or transfer the payment plan of the current account to the invoice and save your time by automatically converting your purchase invoice to a sales invoice.

How can I follow up my customers with Logo START 3?

With unlimited current account card definition, you can define your customers with all contact and trade information and make payment and collection transactions. You can follow up your customers instantly with debt follow-up and debt /credit status reports.

How can I follow up my bank transactions with the Logo START 3?

You can easily follow up your commercial and credit accounts in banks with bank/branch names together or separately, your bank transfer, EFT transactions, check/ note payments and incoming payments.

How can I follow up my check-note transactions with the Logo START 3?

You can save your valuable documents such as checks and notes according to their dates, numbers and maturities and you can easily reach them at any time. You can monitor the status of checks and notes step by step on the cards.

I also need e-Government solutions such as e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice. Can I use these with the Logo START 3?

You can use e-Invoice and e-Archive Invoice, which is compatible with the regulations and communiqués issued by Revenue Administration, with Logo Start 3.

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