• Stock
  • Invoice
  • Tracing of Demands
  • Current account
  • Cash
  • Bank
  • Checks and notes
  • Accountancy
  • Recognition
  • Fixed Asset (Amortization)


  • Unlimited Stock Card
  • Unlimited Current Card
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Pre-Accountancy – General Accounting – Fixed Assets modules.
  • Meets all the needs of SMEs.
  • Foreign currency transactions can be made along with Turkish Lira.
  • Standard reports are available for all printers.
  • Full compliance with changing laws.
  • Don’t wait reports with updated admin console.
  • Wide Graphic Reporting
  • Not eye-straining, simple, next-generation graphic design
  • Fast and practical working infrastructure


  • Woodworking, Paper & Paper Products
  • information Technologies
  • Glass, Cement and Soil
  • Environmental Education
  • Electricity, Electronics, Energy
  • Finance
  • Food, Construction, Business and Management
  • Chemicals, Petroleum, Rubber and Plastics
  • Culture, Art and Design
  • Mine
  • Media, Communication and Publishing
  • Metal, Automotive
  • Health and Social Services
  • Transportation, Logistics and Communication
  • Textiles, Ready-Made Clothing, Leather
  • Trade (Sales and Marketing)
  • Social and Personal Services
  • Tourism, Accommodation, Catering Services


  • Inventory
  • Detailed purchase and sale
  • VAT Report
  • Bank statement report
  • Debt receivable report
  • Current account
  • Stock warehouse status report
  • Multi-unit stock warehouse status report
  • Check/bond aging report
  • Cash account statement
  • Purchases and Sales Table
  • Trial Balance Between Two Dates
  • Cost Center Statement
  • Current Account Collateral Risk Status
  • Fixed Assets, Amortization
  • Journal and General Ledger
  • General Trial Balance, Balance Sheet
  • Profit/Loss Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Debt Follow up Report
  • Detailed Average Maturity Report
  • Current Account/Material Distribution (Purchase)
  • Detailed Cost Analysis

Logo GO3 Accounting Program

GO 3 is a new generation Accounting and Finance software that meets all the needs of SMEs from different sectors and enables them to manage their business processes from a single source with right information and to reduce the costs. GO 3, a brand-new platform with a customizable, fast, simple and practical interface, accelerates business processes by fully meeting the needs of businesses from the sectors such as distribution, service, construction, education, textile, media, healthcare and others. With GO 3, you can carry out the finance, accounting, ordering, purchasing, supply chain management operations.

It is extremely easy-to-use.

Go 3


You can do all your purchase and sale transactions from the commercial module only on Logo Go 3 program and let Logo Go 3 register automatically to all other related modules. Save yours trouble of entering your calculations manually or with excel. You just focus on expanding your business. Expanding your business depends on the right decisions you make. Logo Go 3 will lead you to get the right decisions.

Just focus on expanding your business!

Logo GO 3 Properties

Suitable for All Sectors

Logo GO 3, with its sector-independent structure specially developed for SMEs, meets completely the needs of businesses from different sectors, such as distribution, construction, education, textiles, media, health, etc.


Many transactions like Finance, Accounting, Sales, Purchasing, Stock Management and Reporting can be performed by Logo GO 3 under one roof. By this way, you can save your time and the costs.

Compatible with Current Legal Regulations

All records can be managed safely thanks to the updated structure of Logo GO 3 which is fully compatible with legal regulations. Also, the Declaration Form for Purchase of Goods and Services and the Declaration Form for Sales of Goods and Services, which must be shared at the beginning of each month, are issued electronically. With the e-Declaration property, transactions are completed quickly during taxation periods.

Flexible Platform

Every business can have its own needs. Logo GO 3 can be enriched with applications and widgets developed by Logo Partners. Thus, a set of functions having the properties required can be created accordingly.

Simple and Practical Interface

Developed with new generation technologies based on intuitive and accessibility, Logo GO 3’s not eye-straining, easy-to-use, personalized aesthetic desktop design allows you to access to all the information you need easily and quickly. Logo GO 3’s user-friendly interface allows easy and fast data entry, reports and applications can be accessed easily.

Quick Access

One of the most significant properties of Logo GO 3 is being easy-to-use… Transaction durations are reduced by adding the mostly used functions as shortcut keys on personal desktop. Therefore, this means that employees save time and SMEs increase their efficiencies.

Compatible with E-Government Applications

Logo GO 3 works with integrated applications of e-Government, such as e-Invoice, e-Book and e-Archive. In this way, transactions carried out over Logo GO 3 can be transferred directly to e-Government applications.

Integration with Business Analytics, CRM, Workflow Management and Pay Bill Solutions

Different solutions can be integrated flawlessly with Logo GO 3. Data from Logo GO 3 can be analyzed in detail and converted into reports by processing with Logo Mind Insight, which is a business solution. While the workflow processes in SMEs are managed flawlessly with Logo Flow, customer processes such as appointments, interviews, proposals, sales of sales-marketing units or technical teams can be monitored integrated with Logo GO 3 via Logo CRM. Logo Pay Bill Plus, which is integrated with Logo GO 3, also meets the registry and wage management needs completely.

Compatible with Windows 10

Logo GO 3, which is constantly updated according to new technologies, complies with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many users can I use the Logo GO 3 at most?

You can use Logo GO 3 up to maximum 16 users with modules increasing user number.

Which database does Logo GO3 work on?

It supports MS SQL Server database.

Can we carry out transactions with foreign currency on Logo GO3?

You can carry out transactions with foreign currency.

How many companies can be followed on Logo GO3 at most?

You can follow maximum 25 companies.

Can I save my documents related to transaction that I’ve made, on digital platform?

Logo GO 3 provided with standard KETS Document Management feature that allows you to associate a document with each transaction for each type of bill.

Can I access quickly to my favorite applications in Logo GO3?

In Logo GO 3, shortcuts for Windows programs, such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint, as well as any external connection can be added to desktop. You can access all applications quickly within the program.

My stock and customer identifications are stored in Excel. Can I transfer data from Excel to Logo GO3?

You can transfer your data by selecting “Transfer data from Excel” within System Operation, Tools Menu.

Can I follow barcodes for my stock cards?

You can designate unlimited barcodes to stock cards.

How can I follow bank credits and collaterals?

You can follow Turkish Lira and transaction with foreign currency credit entry, credit follow up and collateral entry with Logo GO 3. With the Bank Loan Follow up system, you can ensure that enterprises are defined separately according to the characteristics of commercial credits received from banks, and that repayments of these credits are followed and reported.

How can I save my bank statements?

You can transfer bank account transactions in MT940 format to Logo GO3 quickly and easily and carry out accounting transactions with e-Statement developed by e-Logo.

How can I follow my transactions with foreign currency, and can I calculate currency differences?

You can save all transactions with currency type required for all bills with currency properties of Logo GO 3 and can calculate currency differences.

Can I follow fixed assets (fixture)?

You can follow up the processes such as purchase, amortization calculation, debiting personnel, disposal and reporting of the fixtures with Logo GO3 Fixed Asset module.

When the risk limits I have identified for my customers are reached, I don’t want to sell anymore, how can I control this?

You can ensure that sales transactions are stopped during the order receiving stage, when the limit is exceeded, by selecting Risk Follow up on Logo GO 3.

Can I make promotional/discounted sales with special offer/campaign?

With the Campaign property of Logo GO 3 solution, you can make promotional, discounted sales or sales with scores by offering separate campaigns on the basis of order, waybill, invoice or product.

Can I follow up my sellers and sales representatives?

You can designate your sellers and sales representatives by selecting the Sellers option under the Main Records/Definitions menu on Logo GO 3.

How can I record the reconciliation process with my customers at the end of the month?

You can send the reconciliation letters to your customers via e-mail in Logo GO 3. If you want to record the reconciliation process through the integrator, you can use it integrated with the E-Reconciliation product developed by E-Logo.

How can I issue my declarations/statements?

With the e-Declaration under the accounting module, it is ensured that the declarations which are significant for our companies are created and packaged and sent to https://ebeyanname.gib.gov.tr/index.html automatically. Especially, prior declarations such as the Declaration Form for Purchase of Goods and Services and the Declaration Form for Sales of Goods and Services, VAT1, VAT2 and the Withholding /Declaration of Withholding and Premium Service are taken quickly after the identification of  the related accounts according to the issuance period and made available.

In addition to these declarations, you can ensure that corporations, corporations (provisional), income tax and income tax (provisional) declarations are issued on the system.

I also need e-Solutions such as e-Waybill, e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Ledger. Can I use them?

You can use e-solutions compatible with the regulations and communiqués issued by the Revenue Administration in Turkey with Logo GO3.

Can I monitor e-Export transactions with Logo GO3?

You can carry out e-Export transactions within the e-Export module on Logo GO 3 in compliance with the legislations published by Ministry of Customs and Trade of Republic of Turkey.

You can access free training videos for Logo GO 3 Accounting Program from our Youtube website.

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