LOGO presents service sector oriented solutions. Tourism sector is only one of these solutions. LOGO Java Solution, Tiger Enterprise, Tiger Plus and Human Resources solutions meet requirements of both small and middle size of enterprises.

Sample Project: SWISS HOTEL

General Features of Sector-Oriented LOGO Solutions

Effective Management of Service Operations

Service operations are analyzed and executed by sector-oriented LOGO Solutions and cost of customer services is calculated. Cost and profitability are determined based on operation/transaction and they can be monitored in detailed.

Fixed Asset Management

Fixed asset tracking, fixed asset activation, maintenance and cost management are performed on project basis by means of sophisticated fixed asset management features.

Effective Management of Human Resources

Employee competency is managed and improved by Human Resources Modules. Performance criteria are determined and managed. Required trainings and career opportunities are created and performed. Payrolls are printed.

Sales Cost Optimization

Required materials and cost items are determined for services and the relevant sales transactions are related.

Sales Management

Brands, products, product groups, sales amount/quantities are analyzed based on sales returns and cost. It is possible to create a target and determine a strategy according to analysis results. LOGO applications integrate delivery of customer orders with finance and distribution management modules.

Application Functions Directed to This Sector

LOGO Solutions Directed To This Sector

LOGO Java Solution
Tiger Enterprise
Tiger Plus