LOGO Solutions are designed to perform detailed production and sales management transactions for textile industry.

Sample Project: Durak Tekstil

General Features of Sector-Oriented LOGO Solutions

Sector-Oriented Production Processes Definition

Product model information is tracked from sales order to product packaging stage. Textile oriented production processes are tracked easily based on quantity and duration. Weekly deliveries are organized by work completion rates. Sample catalogs can be created, cost calculations are made and material variants are defined by LOGO Solutions.

Material Management Optimization

Raw materials, semi-finished goods and product catalogs are defined and tracked in the system based on material classes and hierarchical structure. Material classes with tables are designed for clothing industry. Product matrices are created by color, size, fabric type and similar combinations. You can enter quantity and price information over color-size matrix directly during order or warehouse transactions, and increase performance by default assortment matrices.

Sales Management

Customer orders are evaluated together with production capacity. Customers can be analyzed over sales endorsements, sales returns and profitability ratios. Campaign results are viewed instantly.

Optimized Costs

Senior management can evaluate the results of operational results. Each production order can be analyzed to the lowest level by material, work station, personnel and overhead costs distribution details.

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