Retailing Solution

Thanks to LOGO Retailing Module, working in integration with GO Plus, Tiger Plus, Tiger Enterprise products, and Diva Online Business Management System presented by cooperation of LOGO and Coretech, you can easily automate and manage the operations of your stores.

LOGO Retailing Module

LOGO Retailing Module has exclusive functions responding to dynamism of retailing by ease-of-use and flexibility. You can respond to customer requirements quickly and thereby increase customer satisfaction, and you can also enhance your efficiency by effective payment tracking and stock control.

Material Features and Class Structure

Material Characteristics Class Structure enables you to differentiate your products by defining their properties such as style, color, size and pattern. The properties that are defined can be related to any material record and you may enter as many characteristic values as necessary for each material property.

Utilizing the material classes will allow you to pass on the class information such as unit, supplier and the G/L code to the child material classes or child materials automatically. This feature, where all the information is automatically transferred to the parts that make up the material class, provides data integrity within the system. Another benefit of using classes is to have fewer data entry errors. The class concept saves a lot of time and energy, while preparing the ground for many useful analyses on materials.

Sales Configuration Management

When they use Sales Configuration Management Module, your sales team will be able to select the right product and appropriate price amongst the thousands of alternatives that you offer with ease.

Through a specially designed user friendly interface, they need to answer a few questions regarding the customer's needs and decide on the "best fit" for the customer, without making mistakes. You will be able to place the order with all its variables quickly, without missing out any details.

Tracking the Instantaneous Inventory Levels

You can define the minimum, maximum and safety levels for each material in your inventory and track them, together with their warehouse details, hence overcoming the material bottlenecks. You can also look at the inventory level history of each material.

You can perform warehouse input and output transactions for materials quickly and fully by using Barcode Support and Barcode Label Design features.

Sales Console

Sales Console 2 and Sales Console 3 have a functional interface that is especially designed for both mobile and in-house sales staff to allow them to submit the sales data quickly and easily. It will minimize errors while entering data. You can view the data submitted through the Sales Console using LOGO Retailing Module. By using Sales Console, you can maximize your efficiency and the security of your data as well as minimizing your costs.

Diva Online Business Management System

Diva Online Business Management System presented by Coretech – the leader in SaaS model in Turkey and LOGO Business Solutions is a solution working fully over internet. You can use up-to-date information at any point of your company (branch management, dealer management, store tracking and management, technical service tracking and management, customer services, websites, account etc.) without needing any installation. Your product, inventory, customer, sales and fiscal information will always be up-to-date and online thanks to Diva. Read more...

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LOGO Retailing Module
Diva Online Business Management System

* If you are using one of GO Plus, Tiger Plus, Tiger Enterprise products, please contact with the relevant LOGO Business Partner to own Retailing Module.