Mobile Solutions

With the “Mobile Applications” developed for the GO Plus, Tiger Plus, Tiger Enterprise and LOGO Mariner products, you can get up-to-date data showing the state of your enterprise and make the appropriate decisions unhindered by time or space.
LOGO Mobile is a business application developed for LOGO applications software, enabling you to access your data quickly and easily on your iPad / iPhone.
By using this application, you can analyse your critical information on the Tiger Enterprise, Tiger Plus and GO Plus software. You can instantly access information such as cashier and bank total balances, the total of portfolio and customer checks, total sales and orders, stock values and all payables/receivables.
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With LOGO Mariner Mobile, you can automatically see analyses of case information concerning Deficiency, Defect, Non-Conformity and Materials Request Orders the moment you send it to the office.
Thus you can be instantly informed of any negative situations concerning the running of your ships and make the right decisions without wasting time.Click for detailed information...