KL Retail

So far Kalem Software has developed different solutions in retail sector. KALEM software’s devotion and wast experience in Retail Sector has lead the development of KL-RETAIL for your bussiness needs.Recent analysis has shown that KL-RETAIL (market) is an appropriate solution to all retail processes for local and large scale retail chains. KL-RETAIL is working integrated with LOGO,

KL-RETAIL is working as an integrated product of LOGO. The producer based aggrements made with geographically distributed branches, relationship established between manufacturers supply chain and branches creates the ability to manage procurement and distribution processes fast and effectively.

Online Data Transfer

KL-Retail gives you the advantage of all the futures of seamless integration with all the financial goverment approved online or offline cash registers, Barcode based scales, integration with any label printers and instant data transfer.

Convenience in Price Changing

İster tek fiyat ister her şube için farklı fiyat uygulansın, tek ekrandan tüm fiyat politikanızı yönetip yapılan değişiklikleri izleyebilirsiniz. Aktivite ve insert temelinde yürüyen iç içe geçmiş fiyat değişikliklerinin merkezi ve şube bazlı yönetiminin kolay ve güvenli bir şekilde kontrol altında tutularak Sistem, Etiket ve POS fiyat tutarlılığını sağlayabilirsiniz.

CRM Card Feature

With the use of CRM cards feature you can define customer based special events, loyalty points and special day promotions.


You can manage the regional procurement processes of companies between manufacturers and suppliers such as sales premiums and promotions based on time, manufacturer, product categories depending on the supplier and branch agreements. Trouble-free price process management. While preventing no stock sales confusions, you can manage your supply chains with effectively developed demand and order applications.

PDA Integration

With the use PDA applications, purchasing goods from branches are made quick and easy. By using the stock counting module you can easily check your inventory, control the risk limists of your sales and control your sales and sales representatives.


By the use of real time stock reports of all branches, you can easily prepare your orders to prevent over stocking with the sales increase rates shown on the reports. You can create reports based on manufacturer, brand, aisle, category and product, by determining the seasonal sales rates of your products you can manage and report your inventory the most optimum and relaible way.