LOGO is designed to meet detailed production and supply chain requirements in distribution industry.

LOGO has a wide distribution and service network and LOGO products offers business application solutions directed to vertical sector activities.

Sample Project: Algida

General Features of Sector-Oriented LOGO Solutions

Effective Campaign Management

Campaigns can be defined based on customer groups, payment terms and geographic location. Campaigns may also include promotions, discount, sales/purchasing/delivery costs and have a payment/purchase history. There is also a detailed formula editor for multilateral campaigns.

Sales Management

Brands, products, product groups, sales amount/quantities are analyzed based on sales returns and cost. It is possible to create a target and determine a strategy according to analysis results. LOGO applications integrate delivery of customer orders with finance and distribution management modules.

Distribution Route Management

It is possible to define distribution routes from global address data store. Sales managers can plan daily/weekly/monthly routes of each sales representative according to sales indicators and ensure ideal customer visits. Sales managers can also arrange sales premiums based on sales representatives by quantity, amount or other parameters and achieve a higher level of sales performance.

Mobile Sales

LOGO applications works in integration with mobile sales applications working in PDAs of sales representatives. It is possible to arrange a price list, share data such as sales orders and payment information interactively thanks to PDAs. Central address database included in LOGO applications enable to select from multiple shipment addresses of sales representatives’ customers and deliver orders properly.

Reducing Sales Cost

Distributors do not have to carry idle stock costs by determining stock levels for each materials. These cost can be reflected to sales directly by defining all cost items in the system.

Application functions directed to this sector:

LOGO Solutions Directed To This Sector

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